Jaeyoon Jung

I am passionate about building data-driven solutions with business impact. Currently, I work at Flatiron Health as Data Insights Engineer, focusing on intersection between data science and healthcare.


Data Science Intern


Designed and implemented an algorithmic attribution model by analyzing customer journey data as a Markov process. Analyzed product adoption patterns to design a product recommendation feature.

Summer 2018
New York, New York

Data Analyst Intern

Data & Data

Extracted qualitative insight from social media data, primarily through natural language processing and machine learning approach. Provided clients with data visualization tools for consulting purpose.

Summer 2017
Paris, France

Data Science & Analytics Intern


Developed internal data products that assist account strategists through automation and advanced data analysis- major contributions include development of a Shiny app and alert tools adopted by Criteo staffs globally.

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017
Tokyo, Japan

Data Science Intern


Built groundwork for a twitter bot that interprets customer reviews. Contributed to data mining, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling part of the project.

Summer 2016
Cape Town, South Africa

Summer Intern

Triple A Partners Japan

Conducted fundamental research and analyzed annual reports to for potnetial merger transcations. Produced business reports in English based on external investment research.

Summer 2015
Tokyo, Japan



Princeton University

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Certificates in Computer Science and Statistics & Machine Learning

Senior Thesis - The Effect of Compulsory Licensing on Innovation in Pharmaceuticals: Evidence from the 2001 Doha Declaration

  • Senior Thesis Prize in Economics: Awarded annually for the best thesis in health, education or welfare.
  • September 2014 - June 2019

    St.Mary's International School, Tokyo

    IB Diploma
    January 2008 - May 2014


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